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ST220 15 Year Anniversary Display

It seems 2002 was a good year for the Ford fan, as another performance model is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2017, the Mondeo ST220. Introduced as Ford’s flagship model the sporty Mk3 Mondeo combined power with style, and comfort with performance. It really was the car that could do it all. Today prices have dropped significantly from the £22k list price, making the ST220 one of the best value fast Fords money can buy. No wonder dedicated owners clubs have been popping up all over the place since its launch, and with fantastic family-friendly clubs such as the ST220 Enthusiasts keen to put on a good display of their favourite Ford at this year’s show, you can expect to see more ST220s on show than ever before as owners celebrate its 15th anniversary! 

The ST220 Enthusiasts Club History by Paul Heath Club Admin.

"The current ST220 Enthusiasts club was formed originally as a result of past experience and previous events in the scene. 

Myself I have owned my ST220 since 2012 and was a member of a well known owners group forums for a couple of years and eventually became an events coordinator for them, but after a period of time I felt that something wasn't quite right with the setup of the group and it's members, plus the fact after helping to organise events such as Ford Fair etc I started to become ambitious and thought about taking the risk and move away from the owners club to starting my own group up on Facebook.

It wasn't long before I started to look around on Facebook for other owners groups to see how they did things as they were far more active than the forums, and it didn't take long to come across a group that stood out to me for ST220 owners, so I joined.  

The group was run by one person who didn't have a great amount of experience of running a club or organising meets etc so it wasn't long after I joined that he was looking for admins so I offered to become one and was accepted.  The club started to grow reasonably quickly as I introduced members that I knew from the owners club into the group as they didn't really have an active Facebook page, and as the club grew we took on more admins and at one point there was a team of four admins and well over 1500 members.  

The club itself was going fine and was pretty well established after all the hard work that we put into it, until it became apparent that the person who had taken us on as admins, was in reality a fraudster who was scamming money out of people on the scene for parts that did not exist.  At that point as soon as I knew this myself and the other three admins left the group immediately, not before warning the members of the group of what had been happening, so this was where ST220 Enthusiasts was created by the three of us back in 2014, and had managed to persuade a good amount of members to come over to the new group. It was great to be in control of a club ourselves from this point, and had taken our previous experiences good and bad from the previous groups/clubs to make the new group the successful group that it is today. 

As an owner/enthusiast group with over 2200 members currently, we pride ourselves as having one of the best groups on the Mondeo ST scene and have a fantastic member base who are one of the easiest groups to get along with, all new ST220 owners and enthusiasts who join the group are welcomed including ST TDCi owners, we also have great knowledge and parts bases with trusted sellers, a wide range of club merchandise, plus we do not charge for club membership, all of these group qualities also continues to grow our member base and also attracts members from other clubs / groups. 

2017 has been a monumental year so far for ST220 Enthusiasts as we continue to see the group go from strength to strength with increased members and attendances at shows, most recently with the ST220 15th Anniversary celebration with Fast Ford magazine in July, we would also like to thank the rest of our admins and moderators for also making the club a continued success."    

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