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ST170 15 Year Anniversary Display

The fast Ford scene is made up of a lot more than just RS-branded models, and one of the most popular non-RS cars on the scene right now is the much-loved Focus ST170. Launched at the same time as its RS brother, the ST170 offered a real-world alternative for day-to-day use. And while the prices of RS models have rocketed, sidelining the cars to the special occasions only in attempt to retain resale value, the ST170 is somewhat of a bargain, allowing enthusiastic drivers to enjoy their fast Fords all year round!

With dedicated clubs such as the having over 3000 members worldwide, you can expect to see an enormous turnout of finely fettled Focuses as the group celebrates 15 years of the ST170…

ST170 Owners Club History By Vicki Keeble

"The club was started in October 2014, we had been members of more general ford groups but wanted something more specifically aimed at the ST170, so the club was born. Over night friends followed and we started strong with over 300 members in the first 24 hours. Fast forward to today and we are the biggest ST170 dedicated group in the world. We have members from all over the uk, Ireland and the world. Our members have everything from totally standard examples to highly modified with some totally restored to others boosted with turbos and superchargers.

Our group has a real family feel and everyone is always ready to help whether it’s in the form of advice, parts or in some cases labour. We are lucky enough to have some real experts on hand to help us when things go wrong (which they often do), without these mechanics and breakers many of us would have given up a long time ago.

Some of our highlights over the last three years include our visits to ford fair and Ford fest, a group trip to the Nurburgring (we’re planning another one for next year) our annual ace cafe charity meet and most recently a small team completed a run against the sun (inspired by Jeremy Clarksons race against god). We are so excited to be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the ST170 and can’t wait to be part of the celebrations at Ford Fair.

Our hopes for the future are to keep spreading the love for these fantastic and often overlooked cars, and to keep as many alive as possible."


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