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500bhp RS500 at Ford Fair!

To celebrate the legendary Sierra Cosworth RS500’s 30th anniversary, we’ve got a special display of these iconic cars on show at Ford Fair 2017. Head to the Fast Ford stand, where you’ll find a special ’30 years of the RS500’ display, including this very special, very powerful 500bhp example! 

While most RS500s are being returned to standard specification to maximize their appeal to collectors and therefore ensure they fetch top-dollar, owner of this example, Pete Wooltorton, is an entirely different kind of bloke. “An RS500’s gotta have 500bhp, ain’t it!?” he cries! We agree.

But don’t think Pete went and bought a ready-modified RS on the cheap, as he actually bought one of the cleanest examples available. This very car used to belong to the RSOC’s RS500 Registrar and serial RS500 fettler, Paul Linfoot. So Pete knew he was getting the best example he possibly could.

However, like so many RS500s, the engine had been returned to factory specification. “What’s the point in having all those performance extras if you’re not going to use them?” argues Pete as he points towards the special upgrades such as 8-injector inlet setup, he intercooler, and massive Garrett T4 turbo that allowed the RS500 to be homologated for racing in the BTCC!

The man Pete enlisted to make the most of these factory-fitted hardware upgrades (as well as a couple of trick little extras such as anti-lag too!) was none other than specialist Cosworth engine builder, Harvey Gibbs of SCS. The result is an estimated 500bhp-plus, and Pete’s not afraid to use it!

Make sure you head over to the RS500 display to check out these awesome fast Ford, it might be the last chance you get to see a modified RS500 these days!




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